Skan Srisuwan

Skan Srisuwan
Singapore based illustrator and concept artist Skan Srisuwan has, in many of his pieces, a fascinating way building up waves of objects, mostly machine-like, that roil through the compositions like flowing, cubist shards of metal or plastic.

In Srisuwan’s digital paintings, it looks at though he has divided up his space into forms, then divided those forms again and again into smaller subsets.

These are incorporated into images in which characters play either major and minor roles, often with the swirling patterns of semi-abstract forms taking dominance.

While many of his figures are in the more common vein of comics/manga, and are often drafted with the sometimes nonsensical disregard for proportion common in the genres, Srisuwan sometimes adds interest by cloaking them in more of his three-dimensionally divided scatterings of geometric detritus.

Srisuwan is Creative Director of Studio Hive. There is a brief interview with him on ImagineFX.

[Via Concept Art World]


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