Vladimir Gvozdeff

Vladimir Gvozdeff
Vladimir Gvozdeff (Gvozdev) is an artist from (if I’m not mistaken) Slovenia Russia [I was mistaken, see this post’s comments], who works in both two and three dimensional media, often combining them in the same work.

On his website, I found two series of particular interest. One is of mechanisms — clockwork animals drawn out as plans in various stages of finish. These are sometimes presented in elaborate frames, or even more elaborate assemblages, that combine the drawings with various mechanical and pseudo-mechanical objects, like keys, buttons, gears, wheels, calipers, slide-rules and various measuring instruments. The effect is one of viewing an alternate reality museum exhibit presenting the history of the development of these now familiar objects.

The other series I particularly enjoyed, while not a combination of two and three dimensional art, does deal with dimensionality — but in a different way. These are paintings in which open spaces within cityscapes, like harbors or plazas, take on the form or animals or other objects.

[Via Cory Doctrow on Boing Boing]

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  1. He is most certainly not from Solvenia, as there is no such place … but there is a Slovenia and a Slovakia. I doubt he is from any of those, though – his website is in the Cyrillic alphabet, and they don’t use that in any of those countries. My guess is that he is Russian (his URL ends in .ru, after all).

    No matter what, these are some wonderful images. There is just that special something with that Eastern European imagery!

    1. My typo is fixed. Thanks. As for his actual nationality, I’ll leave it up to you and any others who can make a more educated guess than mine (which was based on the Google auto-translation of his page).

  2. I actually asked him by e-mail. He answered, in English, that he’s Russian.
    Of course, I also told him of this and the Boing Boing pages.

    1. The post has been corrected. My thanks to C. Gertz Bech, Levantine, and reader Dmitry tegArt, who notified me by mail, for helping to establish that the artist is, in fact, Russian. Dmitry further informs me that his name would be more correctly spelled as “Gvozdev”.

      Dmitry is the author of a Russian artblog call Artorama, that would be of interest it Lines and Colors readers.

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