Eye Candy for Today: Edmund Leighton’s neighbor

My Next-Door Neighbor, Edmund Blair Leighton
My Next-Door Neighbor, Edmund Blair Leighton

On Wikimedia Commons. Original is in a private collection.

I love the feeling of implied narrative here — left open for the viewer to fill out the story. A passing glance? The beginnings of pursuit? An established connection? A past flame? Infidelity? Envy? A fondness for dogs?

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  1. Beautiful.

    Leighton’s works are always so meticulously constructed and carefully composed that I am a little surprised by the inclusion of what appears to be a portion of another figure holding a parasol just to the left edge of the painting.

    At any rate, I’m definitely a big fan.

  2. Who is Rudolph de Cordova?
    Rudolph de Cordova (1860–1941) was a Jamaican-born sephardic British writer, screenwriter and actor. He was married to the writer Alicia Ramsey and collaborated with her on several plays. Cordova was born in Kingston, the son of a prominent merchant. He went to London to study medicine in the 1880s, but soon abandoned his studies in order to become an actor.

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