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Eye Candy for today: Hassam’s peach blossoms

Peach Blossoms - Villers-le-Bel, Childe Hassam
Peach Blossoms—Villers-le-Bel, Childe Hassam

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met’s collection pages have changed somewhat; the controls to zoom and download are now available directly under the image.

A beautiful, direct and deceptively simple painting by one of the foremost of the artists known as American Impressionists.


2 responses to “Eye Candy for today: Hassam’s peach blossoms”

  1. Ælle Avatar

    How I adore those impressionist painters! It is in plein air France where one developes the urge. Do we have a Bonnard post yet?

    1. No, I have not yet covered Bonnard, Vuillard or other members of the post-Impressionist avant garde.