Franz Richard Unterberger

Franz Richard Unterberger
Franz Richard Unterberger was an Austrian painter active in the late 19th century.

Though his early work featured mountains and Alpine scenes, the work for which he is best known is from his later career, and consists of landscapes that focus on architecture, — largely of locations in Italy like Venice, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast.

Some of his seacoast scenes, particularly in their backgrounds, have an almost Luminist quality, in which distant forms dissolve into atmospheric haze.


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  1. A bit of an interestingly confusing difference regarding his birth. !837 or 1838?
    The Biographisches Künstler-Lexikon by Dr. Hermann Alex. Müller, Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, Leipzig, 1882 says 1838.

    ~ Unterberger, Franz, Landschaftsmaler, geb. 15. Aug. 1838 zu Innsbruck, bildete sich auf der Akademie in München, in Mailand unter Alb. Zimmermann, in Düsseldorf unter Andr. Achenbach und ließ sich 1860 in Brüssel nieder, wo er sich der belgischen Schule anschloß.
    Knighted in the Order of Franz-Joseph. Wow!

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