John O’Reilly

John O'Reilly
In urban scenes of walls, corridors, alleys and car parks — that most of use might pass by unnoticed — Irish artist John O’Reilly finds fascination with geometric shapes, muted color, weathered textures and patterns of light and shade.

O’Reilly’s website has example of his urban landscapes, as well as wall art and murals.

I particularly enjoy the textural patterns in his paintings of slate or shingle roofs.


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  1. Nice find Charley. Right up my alley, pun intended. I especially like his alley’s which even in their muted grayness (climate in Ireland?) still have a great sense of warm natural light filtering through them and his car parks for their cool artificial light. I must admit, if I’m driving down the road with a natural landscape on one side and urban on the other I will first look at the urbanscape. But that’s me. The nature landscape is of course beautiful but much more obvious. The beauty and fascination in the urban landscape is there if you stop and pay attention. For those who also love this some of my favorite contemporary industrial/urban painters are Charley Hunter and William Wray, Stephen Magsig (you featured them ), Michael Kerekin, Antonio Masi, Ricardo Azkargorta, Valerio D’ospina and women painters Janet Ternoff, Jennifer McChristian (you featured as well), Jessica Hess, Valeri Larko, April Raber among others .

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