Eye Candy for Today: Edmund Kanoldt pencil drawing

View of Benevento, Edmund Kanoldt, pencil drawing
View of Benevento, Edmund Kanoldt

On Google Art Project. Downloadable high-res file on Wikimedia Commons. Original is in the Getty Museum.

A beautifully complete, but still economical, graphite drawing by the 19th century German landscape artist. I love the way he has handled the tone and textural variation in the distance, middle ground and foreground — particularly his gestural definition of the trees.

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    1. Thanks, Ælle. We do use the designations on the right here in the US. They are common on artist pencils. Your chart could also be labeled for the US: “office store/art store”.

  1. The coding was a brainchild of the German Koh-iI-Noor ( largest known Mountain of Light- diamond) factory owner Friedrich von Hardtmuth in 1889 relating to the hardness of the pencil. Originally there were 17 gradations of hardness running from very hard to soft (9H to 6B). The standard office used pencils are marked HB. That is before the roller ballpoints arrived. Over the years I collected umpteen graphite and colour pencils.

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