Scott Brundage (update)

Scott Brundge illustration
Two things immediately jump out at me when looking over the illustrations of Scott Brundage: one is his deft control of mood and atmosphere across his range of styles, the other is, of course, the wonderful expressiveness of his characters.

Brundage works in watercolor, and his style ranges from dark and intense to light and freely drawn, as in his delightful monochromatic line and wash illustrations.

Many of his pieces show an appreciation for classical art as well as classic illustration. I particularly admire his illustrations for The Waking Prince, many of which are done essentially in a duotone approach, in what looks to be a combination of watercolor and colored pencil. The Waking Prince is modern take on classic fairy tales, which is available as an eBook app for iOS.

Since I wrote about Brundage back in 2010, he has a redesigned website, with an emphasis on his recent work, and his blog, though still accessible, appears to have been left aside in favor of a News page on the website. The blog is certainly still worth exploring, however, as it features works in various stages of progress, preliminary drawings and many other posts of interest.

Brundage is represented by Shannon Associates, and there is a second, slightly different, selection of his work in the Kid Shannon site. There is also a portfolio on the site.

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  1. Beautiful works, the expressions of his characters definitely caught my eye too. The “Earth” painting is great example of every character reacting to their situation with a unique expression, it’s almost as if the scene is alive. Thanks for sharing this artist!

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