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Eye Candy for Today: Peder Mønsted forest landscape

Skogslandskap (forest landscape), Peder Mork Monsted
Skogslandskap, Peder Mørk Mønsted

On Wikimedia Commons, I don’t know the location of the original, but I know it passed through Bukowski’s Auctions in the recent past, so I assume it’s in a private collection (not mine — sigh).

I think the title can be translated as “forest landscape”.

I never tire of Mønsted’s beautifully naturalistic, yet ultimately painterly, scenes of forests, glades, fields and creeks.


5 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Peder Mønsted forest landscape”

  1. Wow! Those closeups are a revelation. Such variety of handling, and so painterly, but from a distance so true to nature.

    1. There are other high resolution images of Monsted’s work on Wikimedia Commons (look for sizes listed in MB instead of KB), others to be found with a Google image search, with the image size parameters set to “Larger then 2 MP“.

  2. what an inspiring and comforting image to start the day! it
    is also soothing and inspiring. thanks! z

  3. I agree with everyone here! Wonderful!

  4. I found another painting from Peder Mørk Mønsted in the auction archive of Maybe interesting for you:

    Best wishes
    BTW: On there are 326 further entries with auctioned lots by the artist Mønsted.