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Eye Candy for Today: Cortès Parisian street scene

La Republique, Edouard Leon Cortes
La Republique, Edouard-Léon Cortès

On Galerie Ary Jan.

In their similarity to each other, and those of Antoine Blanchard, Eugene Galien-Laloue and others, you could call these Belle Époque Parisian street scenes formulaic — but it’s a formula, that when well done, I don’t tire of.

Often set in the rain or overcast, with blue-gray skies making the contrasting complementary colors of orange and yellow lights in shop windows glow with extra warmth, they are calculated deliberately to be eye candy, but finely crafted eye candy.

I love the way Cortez and Galien-Laloue, in particular, often leave their sketch lines in the finished painting.

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La Republique, Galerie Ary Jan