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John McCartin

John McCartin, Australian artist, landscapes, still life, figures
Though his subjects indlude still life and figures, Australian artist John McCartin focuses primarily on landscape, and is particularly adept in his portrayals of the large gnarled gum trees found in Australia.

These provide ideal subjects for McCartin’s deft handling of light, texture and atmosphere, their light colored trunks striking in sunlight against the darker backgrounds of fields and foliage.

His landscapes often also include figures and livestock, particularly cows, which have the kind of calm demeanor that makes them seem a natural fit as part of a pastoral landscape, rather than demanding attention as a primary subject the way other animals might.

Though the images I’ve been able to find are not often large, you can tell in some of them that McCartin pays particular attention to edges, contrasting sharply delineated subjects against softer passages in backgrounds or at the edges of compositions.

You can also find some of drawings, primarily in charcoal, which I enjoy as much as his paintings.

There is an interview with McCartin on John Pototschnik’s blog, in which he discusses his palette and painting approach, and a shorter follow-up.


4 responses to “John McCartin”

  1. Gorgeous. So much reflected light on the tree trunks too, it’s that thin illumination of a backlit tree that is such a balancing act – he does it brilliantly. Thanks for introducing this artist.

  2. The solo trees in charcol (?) sure are powerful drawings.

  3. Gary Symington Avatar
    Gary Symington

    Thanks for bringing this inspiring artist to our attention, Charlie. Beautiful, sensitively lit paintings.

  4. John – your work is absolutely inspiring,breathtaking & refreshing – thank you