Scott Conary

Scott Conary, still life, landscape, figureative
Portland, Oregon based painter Scott Conary paints landscapes, animals, figurative works and still life. His website portfolio offers work in several sections.

Conary’s still life subjects include common subjects like fruit, but also less commonly explored items like wrenches, spark plugs and cuts of meat. All are handled with brusque, painterly textures and subtle variations in color.

Conary also has a fascination with the shapes and colors of older motorcycles and their components, which he essentially treats as a form of still life. For these, he has created separate dedicated website, called Oil & Piston, on which offers prints.

His main websites also includes a FAQ page, in which he discusses his painting materials in addition to other topics.


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  1. I so like your work and am very curious about your prices. And did you say you were going to be showing in Denver? When and where? Only 7.5 hrs. From me.

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