Julio Reyes

Julio Reyes
Working in oil, tempera and graphite, California artist Julio Reyes achieves a delicate balance between visceral realism and etherial concept.

In a solo exhibition titled “Vessels” that is on view at Arcadia Contemporary in NYC from tomorrow, November 13 through November 30, 2014, Reyes visits repeated themes of contemplative figures amid metallic balloons, perhaps suggestive of isolation or loss.

In another act of balance, his compositions can be at once spare and filled with richly textural elements, and invoke both stillness and motion.

There is a selection of works from the show here, though that will change when the exhibition closes, and a selection of his work as represented by the gallery here, which should continue to be available. You can also find mentions of the artist and the show on Arcadia’s blog, along with additional images.

Reyes’ own website includes portfolios of his paintings, drawings and sculpture. I particularly enjoy the way his fascination with texture and subdued value contrasts carries over from his paintings to his drawings.

Reyes also has a blog, on which you can find detail crops of some of his works, and photos of shows in which you can see their relative scale.

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