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Kent Barton (update)

Kent Barton, illustration, scratchboard, linocut and woodcut
Kent Barton is an illustrator who works in scratchboard, as well as linocut and woodcut. His images carry echoes of graphic processes used in illustration in the past, while maintaining a very up to date sensibility.

At times he adds color to his line work, applied with a light touch and an eye to keeping the linear character of the drawing foremost.

Barton finds expressive power in variations in his linear tones, with lines varying in weight, spacing and direction adding to the flow of the composition and textural appeal of the drawing.

Barton does not, as far as I know, have a dedicated website, instead relying on the site of his artist’s representative, Richard Solomon, as his primary portfolio. The Richard Solomon portfolio also includes a brief section on the artist’s working process.

I initially featured Barton on Lines and Colors in 2012; since then he has not only posted new material to that online portfolio, but now has a Behance portfolio as well.

For more, see my previous post on Kent Barton.


4 responses to “Kent Barton (update)”

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I had never seen or heard of this artist until today! It’s wonderful work!

  2. Stunning work – thank you for introducing us to this artist! I really enjoy the variety in this blog.

  3. Very nice! Kind of reminds me of Ken Jacobsen’s work.

  4. Reba Ahmad Avatar
    Reba Ahmad

    I saw a portrait of Henry “Box” Brown. It looks similar to Kent’s work and I was curious if he made that portrait. Do you know if that’s the case?

    Thank you,
    Reba Ahmad