Sterling Hundey (update 2015)

Stirling Hundey, illustration and painting
Sterling Hundey is an illustrator and gallery artist who I first wrote about back in 2007.

Hundley has recently unveiled a redesigned website. At the moment it focuses on three projects, but since I last featured Hundely in 2010, he has also established a Behance portfolio and deviantART gallery on which you can find additional work.

Hundley has always stuck me as something of a restless explorer, poking and prodding at the limits of his format and medium, experimenting with compositional approaches, variations in drawing and rendering and ranging freely across styles.

For more, see my previous posts on Sterling Hundley (linked below).

7 Replies to “Sterling Hundey (update 2015)”

  1. Great update. I follow Sterling’s work closely and am never disappointed.Always original and engaging. The new Treasure Island stuff is particularly cool. BTW, still one typo in his name at the bottom of the post.

  2. Thanks for helping me discover Hundley. What strikes me is the depth and storytelling in the paintings. Was surprised to learn that he’s actually a contemporary artist. The paintings seem to belong to a long gone era.

  3. That restless quality is the reason that I’ve enjoyed looking at his work all these years. He seems to love discovery but he loves that journey to get there even more.

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