Innokenty Korshunov

Innokenty Korshunov; still life, landscape, illustrations and concept art
Innokenty Korshunov is a painter living and working just outside of Kiev, Ukraine.

Korshunov studied at the School of Art in Odessa, where he developed an admiration for the art of the Renaissance, as well as a respect for traditional techniques. He brings these sensibilities, as well as a keen eye and subtle sense of color, to his atmospheric landscapes and carefully observed still life.

I particularly admire the color he brings to his winter landscapes, and the directness and clarity of his still life paintings. Many of his originals are larger in scale than you might assume from the internet images.

Korshunov also occasionally paints portraits, such as the one shown above, 6th down, of his wife, painter Ruta Korshunova, who I profiled last week. Both artists, of course, share the difficulties inherent in trying to make their way as artists amid the turmoil and uncertainty of the current political climate in Ukraine.

In addition to the works seen on his website (many of which are available for sale directly from the artist via email contact), you can see larger versions of his paintings, along with examples of his work as an illustrator and visual development artist for games, on his Behance portfolio and blog.

Some of Korshunov’s illustrations have a very appealing textural character to the rendering, and his illustrations for fairy tales have a wonderful magic realist quality to them.

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