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Yutang Yang (update)

Yutang Yang, pen and ink
Yutang Yang is an artist from northeastern China who I first wrote about in 2008, and later featured as one of the seven contemporary ink artists I profiled in my article for the Spring 2014 issue of Drawing magazine.

He works in dip pen and carbon based ink on paper, using hatching to create beautifully textural landscape drawings, that when seen in small reproductions, appear almost photographic.

When you look at them in more detail, however, they show their true nature as ink drawings, in which the artist has deftly used textural areas as tonal masses, giving his work wonderful depth and sensitivity to the nature of light and shadow.

Yang’s website has galleries of his work arranged by year. Be aware that some of the galleries have more than one page, accessed from the rightmost of a row of Chinese characters that appear just below the thumbnails.

You can also view examples of his work, and a bio, on the website of the Perez Fine Art Gallery.


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  1. Wow! Amazing work! Thanks for the intro!