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Bruce Cheever

Bruce Cheever, landscape painting
After many years as a successful illustrator, Bruce Cheever changed his focus to gallery art, bringing his admiration for Renaissance art, American Tonalism, Luminism, and Western artists like Thomas Moran to his portrayals of the American West and Southwest, as well as his travels in Italy and other parts of Europe.

Though sometimes bathed in direct sunlight, Cheever’s compositions are more often presented in the soft light of overcast days, mornings or evenings, when contrasts are softer and more subtle.

I particularly enjoy his paintings of ranches and farm houses in which his muted palette and close value ranges imbue the scene with a feeling of quiet and suspended time.

Unfortunately, most of the available images of his work are relatively small, and only in a few somewhat larger ones can you see that his approach is more open and painterly than it appears in the smaller reproductions.

Cheever’s work is currently on display in a show at the Trailside Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona until March 15, 2015; as part of the American Miniatures show at Settler’s West in Tuscon, AZ; and the Masters of the American West 2015 show at the Autry in Los Angeles, CA to March 8, 2015.


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  1. Love his work!

  2. Hilde Van den Abeele Avatar
    Hilde Van den Abeele

    Am I being intolerant when it it annoys me that some people use this generously offered space for blowing their own trumpet? I enjoy the choice of Mister Parker and what he tries to achieve. One feels he has thought about the choice . Ignoring his choice of artists and relevant blogs is disrespectful and intruding. I am pretty sure that if Mister Parker finds the artist Elars worth mentionning one day, he will. Otherwise… About Bruce Cheever : I find it remarkable that one can feel if the painting shows a view in America or here in Europe, even if there are no typical elements in it. Maybe it is the light? And do you ,being American, feel that too?

    1. Thanks, Hilde.

      While there are some cases where comments are made in inappropriate places for self-promotion (aside form the thousands of spam comments that my spam filter handles every day), It’s possible that I don’t make the link to suggest a site prominent enough, leaving some in question as to how to bring their work to my attention. I have left the comment in place with that thought in mind.

      I agree that there sometimes is a character in Cheever’s paintings that “feels” like Europe or the US. Whether it’s a subtlety of light or something else is hard to say. One thought is that when in Europe, Cheever is immersed in European art and perhaps that influence comes through more strongly in his approach.

  3. Hello Charley,

    sorry for the spamming.

    I need to confirm that the previous comment with including my name and my website address is not from me.

    I discover that someone is using my name on several forums and blogs.
    So, don’t hesitate to delete it.

    Thank you !

    Victor Elars

    1. Thanks, Victor. I’ve done so.