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Alfred Wahlberg

Alfred Wahlberg, Swedish landscape painter
19th century Swedish landscape painter Alfred Wahlberg studied briefly in Stockholm and in Dusseldorf, but took influence from his exposure to modern French painting in Paris; and his work shows both the dark moodiness of the northern schools and the brighter palette of the French painters.

In much of his work, even pieces that I might assume to be older and not as much influenced by the French styles, you can see unexpectedly open, loose brush work in paintings the look more tightly rendered in smaller reproductions.

There are some relatively large images on an ad-laced Ukrainian site at and some medium sized images on the Scandinavian auction site Bukowskis that lead to high-resolution versions for those who care to create a free account.

Wahlberg’s compositions are often theatrically lit, with late day sun cutting across the landscape or carving spotlights through breaks in clouds. Throughout are wonderful textural elements, both in the representation and in the surface of the paint.