Ben Blatt

Ben Blatt
Benn Blatt is a dimension-hopping xenobiologist/dreamscape botanical artist based, perhaps fittingly, in Brooklyn, NY.

Blatt takes natural forms of flora and fauna — both real and wildly imaginary — bits of architecture, sculptural elements, jewelry and metalware; filters them through his fascination with 15th and 16th century masters like Bosch and Brueghel, 20th century Dadaists and Surrealists like Max Ernst and Dalí, throws in a good dose of 17th century Dutch still life and 19th century botanical illustration and perhaps a touch of Tantric art; and weaves them into intricate bio-architectural wonderlands of Boschian delights.

Blatt studied Fine Art at the Rhode Island School of Design, and is now on the Illustration faculty there. His pieces, which are large, but perhaps not as large as one might expect, are primarily done in varying combinations of watercolor, gouache, ink and colored pencil.

The online gallery on his own website is somewhat limited and poorly arranged for browsing; you will find a better selection on his Picasa gallery, as well as on the sites of the Halsey McKay Gallery and Half Gallery.

The largest and best reproductions of his work are to be found on Monster Brains.


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