Eye Candy for Today: Louis Comfort Tiffany gouache sketch

Woodland Interior, Louis Comfort Tiffany, gouache
Woodland Interior, Louis Comfort Tiffany

Watercolor and gouache on tan paper, roughly 16×22″ (40x56cm), in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

James Gurney has a nice post on his blog today about some of his favorite gouache Masters, which prompted me to think of a few artists who did beautiful work in gouache, though they were not particularly known as gouache artists.

This wonderfully realized sketch by Louis Comfort Tiffany (yes, the same Tiffany famous for stained glass) shows off the immediacy of notation that gouache facilitates.

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  1. Wow! I don’t think I have seen this before. The overall design AND the design of the alternating warms and cools which are placed with great skill in fore middle and background (hard to do), the overlapping and intersecting forms, atmospheric background, spot-lit foreground and floating lit leaves, the visual textures… just perfect!
    Thanks Charley!

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