Milind Mulick

mulick_450, watercolor
Milind Mmulick is a painter based in Pune, India, who paints in watercolor, primarily transparent, but also works with opaque watercolor (gouache).

He often takes a nicely textural approach when portraying cityscapes and landscapes, conveying the gritty feeling of paving stones and weathered walls with passages of dry brush and spatter. He uses both muted and full value ranges, working with the character of each to evoke sunlight and overcast days. His backgroud in commercial art and architectural rendering shows in his efficient rendering and solid grounding in perspective.

His still life subjects, which often make use of opaque passages, are usually of kitchen items, frequently reflective to the point where they form a mini-self portrait of the artist.

According to his website, Mulick teaches workshops in his local area; he also has several instructional watercolor books, that are available here in the U.S.

There are several watercolor demo videos featuring Mulick on YouTube.

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