Teagan White

Teagan White, illustration
Minnesota based illustrator Teagan White takes her inspiration in animal and plant forms, often arranging them in compositions in which they are both representational images and design elements.

White appears to work primarily in ink, applying color digitally in Photoshop, or traditionally with watercolor and gouache. She uses a restrained palette, leaning toward earth colors and muted greens, both in keeping with her subjects and giving her work something of a 19th century feeling.

Her website and blog include not only images of her commercial work and children’s book illustration, but often images of the work in progress, as well as the pen drawings before color has been applied.

As much as I enjoy her subtle colors, I particularly like her ink drawings in their original state, in which she contrasts areas of texture and open negative space with spotted blacks to wonderful effect.

White has work for sale on Big Cartel, and her work is currently on display as part of the “Creatures of Myth and Nature” exhibit at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA, that runs until September 20, 2015.