Shushana Rucker

Shushana Rucker
Like a musician who prefers the emotional tone of downtempo compositions, Philadelphia based painter and printmaker Shushana Rucker finds visual fascination in the muted contrasts of overcast skies and the overlooked subjects of industrial buildings, railways and related structures.

Having had a fascination with railroads as a child, I particularly respond to her evocative portrayals of railroad tracks, along with the power lines, bridges and embankments that accompany them. In these, Rucker’s subtle palette and compressed values often emphasize the geometric and textural elements of her subjects.

Her prints likewise emphasize strongly geometric compositions and textures in her depictions of industrial buildings, rail beds and bridges, as well as the kinds of houses that one finds along the railways here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Rucker’s work will be on display at the F.A.N. Gallery in Philadelphia in a solo show titled “Shushana Rucker – Connections and Observations“, that runs from today to October 31, 2015, with an opening reception tonight, October 2, 2015, from 5-9 PM.

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  1. Beautiful work and a new artist to me. Just when I think I know of all who delve into this kind subject matter, the kind that is not pretty but still holds a fascination, I discover another. Thanks to you Charley. And I like your musician analogy.
    I love all the work here, especially the dumpsters, the very subject the general public immediately dismisses.
    Wish it was close enough for me to see the show and I hope it goes good for Shushana.

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