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Anton Batov, watercolor and illustration
Anton Batov is a Russian artist and illustrator based in Moscow. He is also a senior lecturer in design and graphic design at D. Mendeleyev University Of Chemical Technology Of Russia.

I particularly enjoy Batov’s landscape and cityscape watercolors, many of which are painted on location. Even in his more finished studio watercolors, he carries forward a keen awareness of the nature of light in the landscape in various weather and atmospheric conditions.

In his illustration work, he takes a variety of approaches, including watercolor and “digital watercolor”.

Non-Russian speakers may find it easiest to browse his Behance portfolio, which is extensive and divided into various categories. Many of the plein air watercolors presented there are accompanied with photos of the painting in progress on location.

If you enjoy his work as I do, you’ll find more on his website.

Though the site is in Russian, you can navigate from the list of categories; the fourth one down is paintings, the seventh is “graphics“. The latter is a selection of wonderful monochrome sketches and paintings apparently done with marker and/or brush and wash.

You can find additional work on his deviantART gallery, Flickr stream and LiveJournal blog.