Alexandre Reider

Alexandre Reider, landscape Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian painter Alxeandre Reider is based in São Paulo, where he was born where he studied at the Pan American School of Arts. He also added to his study of painting with several trips to Europe.

Reider’s landscapes are often given a dramatic feeling of depth by his use of atmospheric perspective, at times creating several distinct planes of value and color changes. His evocations of the Brazilian landscape range from sweeping vistas of mountains to intimate glens and wooded paths.

His muted, controlled greens are sometimes punctuated with higher chroma passages of spring blossoms.

Reider’s website has galleries of his finished landscapes, smaller works and studies. Though in Portuguese, the site is easy enough to navigate, Galeria de Obras is his gallery of work.

Reider teaches classes and workshops in São Paulo, and also highlights them on his blog.

There is an article on José Rosário’s blog, in Portuguese, that also features additional images of Reider’s work.