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Karl Friedrich Lessing

Karl Friedrich Lessing, 19th cehtury landscape
Karl Friedrich Lessing was a 19th century German painter who specialized in landscape and history painting.

In his landscapes, Lessing was influenced by the Romantic landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich, and Lessing himself became an influential teacher and painter, one of the primary figures in the Dusseldorf school of landscape painting.

Lessing reveled in the weathered textures of stone castles and keeps, rocky outcroppings and forbidding hills. I particularly enjoy the almost theatrical way he plays with light, highlighting particular areas of his compositions with strong contrasts in value.

Unfortunately, sources for his work are a bit scattered and thin, but I’ve gathered what I can below.


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  1. Lessing and Bach simultaneously:

    At the age of fifteen, in 1823, Lessing decided to become a painter.
    I read: 1823 entschloß er sich, Maler zu werden (Deutsche Biographie).
    We owe you, Charley!

  2. Wow, stunning. Another thank you Charley.

  3. Lana Richardson Avatar
    Lana Richardson

    Beautiful, your blog is the 1st email I open and you never disappoint. I belong to an art gallery and tonight at our monthly meeting I’ll suggest members scope you out. Kudos, Lana