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George Hendrik Breitner

George Hendrik Breitner
Dutch painter George Hendrik Breitner, who was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was noted for his rough, brushy, textural approach and his subject matter of city streets, working people, military horsemen and figures.

In particular he is famous for his recurrent subject of young women in kimonos, their bright colors a sharp contrast to his otherwise subdued, earth color palette.

Many of his pieces are so rough and sketchy as to look unfinished, a criticism that was leveled at him during his career by those who favored more traditionally finished styles.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which has a key collection of Breitner’s work, has mounted an exhibition bringing together all 14 of his versions of Girl in a Kimono compositions, along with preparatory drawings and the artist’s reference photographs.

Breitner: Girl in Kimono” is on view at the Rijksmuseum until 22 May 2016.

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