Eliza Ivanova

Eliza Ivanova, animator illustrator
Eliza Ivanova is an animator and illustrator based in San Francisco and currently working with Pixar Animation Studios. Her feature film credits include The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Monsters University and Brave, as well as short films Toy Story of Terror and The Dam Keeper.

Her website consists primarily of personal sketches, many in Moleskine sketchbooks. These, though few are in a finished state, are delightfully drawn with a lively variety of line weights and energetic textural additions.

If you follow through to subsequent pages, you will encounter some older, more finished pieces.
Ivanova also has some short animations on Vimeo.

Her work is currently on view as part of the Line Weight IV exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA until March 13, 2016.