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Lars Lerin, watercolors
Lars Lerin is a contemporary Swedish watercolorist who is well known and influential in his home country, but not as widely recognized here in the U.S. as he should be.

Lerin’s approach combines a loose, seemingly casual application of color with strong underlying draftsmanship. The combination is particularly appealing in his portrayals of architectural subjects.

He also paints landscapes, some of which take on an almost tonalist feeling, as well as interiors.

Some of his work is quite large in scale, the bookshelf painting shown above, with details, is life-size.

As far as I can tell, Lerin does not have his own website or blog.

There is a permanent gallery in Karlstad, Sweden, the Sandgrund Lars Lerin Art Gallery, that has an online presentation of the artist’s work here.

One of the best sources for large images of Lerin’s work is this set of photographs by Timothy Atkins.

There is also an article and an interview with the artist on Konstantin Sterkhov’s Art of Watercolor.

[Suggestion courtesy of James Gurney]