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Animation for Ma’agalim – Uri Lotan

Ma'agalim, Jane Bordeaux; animated video directed by Url Lotan
Ma’agalim is a beautiful short animation (3:30 minutes) directed by Uri Lotan. It is the music video for the song of the same name by Jane Bordeaux.

It portrays a mechanically animated wooden doll in the revolving scene of an arcade amusement, walking in pace as the landscape rolls beneath her feet.

If you click the “Read more…” link on the Vimeo page, you will see someone’s translation of the song lyrics, as well as a more complete credit list for the film.

Given Lotan’s film credits — which include Hotel Transylvania II — I have to assume that this is done with CGI; but the textures are so real and visceral, I have to wonder.

However it was done, it is wonderfully realized, emotionally touching and superbly art directed and produced.

View it in full screen mode.

[Via Jim Nelson]


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