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Eye Candy for Today: Samuel Prout cityscape

View of Bamberg, from the Ludwigskanal, Samuel Prout, pencil on paper
View of Bamberg, from the Ludwigskanal, Samuel Prout

Pencil on paper, roughly 10×16 inches (26x40cm); original is in the collection of the Morgan Library and Museum in NY.

Samuel Prout, a British artist active in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, was known for his watercolors and graphics of architectural scenes. Here, in a somewhat more casual approach, he gives us a view of the German city of Bamberg.

I love the loose, sketchy characteristics of his individual lines and hatching, reinforced by the geometric strength of his underlying solid draftsmanship.

View of Bamberg, Morgan Library


4 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Samuel Prout cityscape”

  1. I found this link this morning holding tremendous info on Prout, well-written by Ernest G. Halton.
    Thank you for the Candy, Charley.

  2. “Minute and elaborately finished pictures never strongly impress the mind, and are but mere curiosities to gratify persons insensible to higher excellencies.”
    ~ Samuel Prout quote

  3. Daniel van Benthuysen Avatar
    Daniel van Benthuysen

    Is this part of a 50% off sale? I see lines, but no colors…

    1. Thank you, artistgenius, for pointing that out. However, if you check my cleverly worded description/disclaimer at the top left of the page, you’ll see that I have allowed for just such an occasion by stating the requirements to be lines and/or colors, thereby indemnifying myself from color liability. All sales final.

      BTW, I really like your recent landscapes and the new (to me) series of watercolors.

      For the benefit of other readers, you can see Daniel van Benthuysen’s website here (complete with colors), and my article on his work here.