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Kyuong Hwan Kim (Tahra Art)

Kyuong Hwan Kim (Tahra Art)
Kyuong Hwan Kim is a Korean concept artist and illustrator, who works under the name of Tahra Art.

Kyuong Hwan’s work is something of a mixed bag for me. Some of it falls under the heading of fairly typical anime influenced pin-up art, an insular style that is overly abundant these days, while other pieces are far more interesting, original and imaginative.

I think the latter make it worth wading through the others in search of the more compelling work. I particularly enjoy his pieces in the vein of fairy tales or children’s stories, which are often rich with texture and detail.

There is a collection of his work, Tahra Art, that was published in 2013; reviewed here on Parka Blogs.

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