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Bryan Mark Taylor

Bryan Mark Taylor, landscape and cityscape paintings
Bryan Mark Taylor is a plein air painter based in California who focuses on cityscape and landscape.

Taylor travels extensively and many of his subjects are from Europe as well as other locations in the U.S.

His crisp, textural treatment of architectural and natural elements often takes on a sculptural feeling, with shadows and interlocking planes forming much of the structure of the composition.

In some of his European subjects in particular, he often plays with the “keyhole effect” of archways seens through other archways.

Taylor teaches workshops, and has an instructional video, Painting Cityscapes that is available from Streamline Video. There is a brief trailer on YouTube.

Taylor was instrumental in developing the Strada Easel, a metal alternative to the more common wood construction of contemporary pochade boxes.

Taylor’s work will be on display in a solo show at the Pacific Edge Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA that opens this Saturday, September 24, 2016.