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After an extensive career as an illustrator and storyboard artist, Thomas Fluharty has turned his focus to personal projects, often applying his classical art training to painted caricatures of pop culture icons.

As you explore his website, you’ll find other series, including wonderfully expressive dogs and nicely nasty sharks.

You can also find a selection of his illustration, both editorial and for children’s books. In the latter section are many of my favorites of his paintings.

Also in his website galleries, and even more on his Instagram feed, are examples of his fluid and gestural drawings, some preliminary for finished works and some drawn just for their own sake.

In his website store, you will find not only books, prints and originals, but layered PSD files that can be purchased to examine his technique.

Fluharty also teaches classes in oil painting and drawing fundamentals through Schoolism.

Fluharty is a children’s book author as well as illustrator, and you can find several of his titles on Amazon.


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  1. chris sheban Avatar
    chris sheban

    About as good as it gets…outstanding work, Tom.

  2. Leslie Hawes Avatar
    Leslie Hawes


  3. Always loved his work.

  4. AS good as it gets !! G O A T ! ! !