Miguel Angel Moya

Miguel Angel Moya
Miguel Angel Moya is a contemporary realist painter originally from Valencia, Spain.

Hi subjects include orchestras and musicians, inspired by Moya’s own time as a professional violinist, as well as cityscapes and architectural interiors.

In his most recent series, Moya has focused on enigmatic still life of biological forms — mostly sea creatures — suspended in jars as if scientific specimens. These can be of specifically identifiable animals like octopi and sharks, or less distinct forms that leave the viewer’s mind to fill in the details.

Moya’s website is in Spanish, but easy enough for non Spanish speakers to navigate. As you advance through the “Pinturas” using the numbered links at the bottom, you will in general be moving back in time to previous series.

There are also some of Moya’s paintings on Artsy, where you will find larger images.

Miguel Angel Moya’s work is the subject of a current solo show at Arcadia Contemporary in Culver City, CA that will be on display until May 18, 2017.

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