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Joseph Rodefer DeCamp

Joseph Rodefer DeCamp
Originally from Ohio, Joseph Rodefer DeCamp studied there and in Germany with fellow Ohioan Frank Duveneck.

After his travels and studies in Europe, DeCamp settled in Boston, where he became a founding member of the Ten American Painters — a group of artists, largely considered American Impressionists, who banded together to exhibit outside the more conservative mainstream of American art.

Along with some of the members of the Ten American Painters, like Edmund Tarbell and Frank Weston Benson, as well as other artists like William McGregor Paxton, Lila Cabot Perry and Aldro Hibbard, DeCamp was considered a member of the regional group known as the Boston School.


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  1. A fire in his Boston Harcourt Street studio in 1904 destroyed hundreds of his precious paintings, so many or most of his early landscapes got lost. What a shame!

    1. Thanks for the bit of history, aelle. Yes, very unfortunate.

  2. Thanks to you too, Charley.
    Firstborn, Sally in 1892, Ted in 1894, Lydia in 1896, and Paulina in 1899.
    He won his first major award at Atlanta’s International Exposition of the Cotton States in 1895 for The Hammock, a depiction of his wife Edith Franklin Baker and their two eldest.