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Yury Nikolaev, Russian still life painter
Yury Viktorovich Nikolaev is a contemporary Russian painter whose primary subjects are still life arrangements of food.

Some of his compositions — filled with crockery, baked goods, baskets and flowers — have a kind of homespun, folksy-craftsy charm that would not be out of place in a magazine devoted to recipies, but they are so well painted I won’t hold that against him (grin).

If you find some of the large images available of his work, you will find them nicely painterly, with much attention paid to value and surface texture.

I can’t find anything I can identify as an official website for him, so I’ve linked to some gallery sites that feature his work.

You can also try a Google image search.

You may find additional sites and images by searching for the Russian translation of “artist Nikolayev Yuri”: Художника Николаева Юрия


4 responses to “Yury Nikolaev”

  1. Splendid work!

    I don’t know how you find these wonderful artists, but I really appreciate your sharing so many works I may never have seen if not for this blog.

    Thank you, Charley.


    1. That’t my intention, Bill. Glad you’re enjoying!

    A Russian Master, indeed!

    Юрий Николаев = Yuri Nikolaev