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Apollinary Vasnetsov

Apollinary Vasnetsov, Russian landscape painter, Mostoc history paintings
Apollinary Vasnetsov was a Russian painter whose work is usually overshadowed by that of his more widely recognized brother, Viktor Vasnetsov, who was also his only formal teacher.

Apollinary Vasnetsov painted landscapes, and was also known for his portrayals of historic Moscow. Many of his images of the latter appear to be in watercolor over charcoal drawings.

His landscapes are sometimes bright, sometimes moody, often with inventive plays of light and shadow.

Some years after his death, a planet was named for him.


3 responses to “Apollinary Vasnetsov”

  1. It appears from these works that he painted in several distinctly different styles.

    1. Yes, He at least had two very distinct style for his landscapes and his history paintings of Moscow, and what looks like several variations in between.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful works, I’m really in love with his style!