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Felepe Santamans, pastel still life and figures
Felepe Santamans is a contemporary Spanish artist from Valencia who trained at the Academy Barrera of Valencia, and continued in The School of Fine Arts at the Fuster Academy. He also studied under Jose Espert, who he counts as a major influence.

Santamans’ original training was in oil painting, but he moved into pastel, attracted by the brilliance of color afforded by the medium.

His subjects are primarily figures and still life; in both he achieves a vibrance and presence that also take advantage of the textural effects for which pastel is ideal.

I can’t find a dedicated sited for Santamans, but there are other sites that show a selection of his work.

[Via Jeffery Hayes]


3 responses to “Felepe Santamans”

  1. So nice to see such masterful pastels showcased on you site, Charley. I love that medium, except for the “having-to mount-behind-glass” requirement for such a delicate surface.

    Thank you,


    1. Thanks, Bill. Yes, every medium has its plusses and minuses, often, as in the case of pastel, two sides of the same coin. It’s the high ratio of pigment to binder that creates the vibrancy of pastel, and the same condition that makes the binding of the pigment to the surface so delicate.

  2. These works are absolutely beautiful! I love how the brilliant colors interact with whites/neutral tones. I have a lot to learn from this artist! Amazing!