Adolf Kauffmann

Adolf Kauffmann, landscape paintings
Adolf Kauffmann was an Austrian painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

His emphasis was on landscapes and maritime scenes, though he also painted cityscapes and other subjects. In his landscapes he often painted deep woodlands and closeups of trees, which he approached with highly textural paint effects.

Images of Kaufmann’s work on the web are something of a mixed bag. I believe that — like many art images on the web — a number of his works are often represented with exaggerated chroma, in which someone has turned up the saturation on the colors to make the images “prettier”. Those images of his work I’ve found with more naturalistic color and value relationships suggest to me that he is a more subtle painter than that.

There are a few sources of larger images, but the source I’ve found with the greatest number of his works is Artnet. If you continue to click “load more” at the bottom of the pages, you will be shown over 20 “pages” of images (worth exploring even though many are repeated).

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  1. He studied under Emile van Marcke de Lummen in Paris and lived many years in Paris. French “paysage intime” took over his imagination and Barbizon School had been his lead in the art. After returning to Vienna in 1890 Kaufmann set up a drawing school for girls where he was a director and a teacher. The artist travelled a lot and exhibited at many international exhibitions.
    Source: Alte Kunst –
    Thanks, Charley. I recognise above several Dutch sceneries.

  2. Honoured, recognized and awarded with numerous prizes like theDobner Prize in 1901, the Erzherzog Karl Ludwig Medaille in 1904, Gold Medal St. Louis (USA) in 1904, Gold and Silver Medal Salzburg and Golden State medal in Vienna.
    For the World Exhibition in Paris 1900 he produced the colossal Diorama of Sarajewo for Bosnia, not without further impressive results.

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