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Eye Candy for Today: Friederich von Amerling portrait

The Young Eastern Woman, Friedrich von Amerling

Link is to Wikimedia Commons, which has a nicely high-resolution version of the image; original is in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

19th century Austrian painter Friederich von Amerling was known for his refined portraits, which many compare to those of Ingres. In this example, likely intended as a genre painting, it’s easy to see why.

I love the way the softly under-lit face is essentially in shadow, its subtle values and restrained color made the center of interest by the corona of light surrounding the headdress.

The Young Eastern Woman, Wikimedia Commons


5 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Friederich von Amerling portrait”

  1. What a gorgeous painting, I think of it more like a Vermeer than an Ingres. So elegant and precise! However the model looks rather bored, like she was “mailing it in…”

    1. Thanks, Pyracantha. Given the level of finish to the painting, maybe she was asked to pose so long she became bored…

  2. Ælle Avatar

    Modelled by any of his four wives?
    Antonie Kaltenthaler, Emilie Heinrich, Katharina Heissler, or Maria Nemetschke?

    1. Thanks, Ælle. I haven’t had time to investigate Von Amerling in more detail, so I don’t know if he used family as models. I didn’t know he was married four times. Perhaps he had an eventful life in other ways.

  3. Sherrill Avatar

    Beautifully done! I love the palette he chose here.