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Matthew Cook, ink and watercolor

Matthew Cook, ink and watercolor
Matthew (Matt) Cook is a UK artist and illustrator who I have featured previously (and here), mostly in reference to his fascinating role as a reportage illustrator in the middle-east war zones.

In this post, I’d like to focus instead on his more recent travel sketches and paintings. Most of these are done in a watercolor style that is simultaneously free and strongly drawn, and would be of particular interest to those who enjoy “urban sketching”.

Cook’s wonderful handling of brick, stone and other textured architectural elements is a visual treat, as is his controlled used of high and low chroma colors.

Cook/s primary website is still largely focused on reportage. He has a secondary website that has more of his travel sketches, but they are reproduced at a frustratingly small size.

Much better for enjoyment of his recent work is is Twitter account, on which the images are linked to nicely large versions that allow you to see his deft, confident handling.


3 responses to “Matthew Cook (update 2018)”

  1. Wonderful work—solid drawing, accurate values and colors. I remember reading somewhere that he paints in liquid acrylic. Does one of those links take you to a description of his process?

    1. Thanks, James. I don’t recall offhand, but I’ve written to Matt to ask. I’ll post again here when I get a reply.

  2. Interesting hour via links, thanks, Charlie; a great post.