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Michal Orlowski, watercolor

Michal Orlowski, watercolors

Michal Orlowski is a Polish watercolor painter who is the founder of the Creosfera atelier and one of the cofounders of the Polish Watercolor Association.

Orlowski’s training as an architect shows in his solid draftsmanship and handling of perspective, along with is general fondness for architectural subjects. His confident, almost casual rendering gives his cityscape compositions a light, airy touch.

I particularly admire his handling of stone and block buildings, and the play of light and shadow in his portrayal of small angular European streets.

On his website you will find galleries of watercolors, drawings and architectural renderings. However, I found the image viewer on his site to be problematic (at least in Chrome and Safari for Mac); if you have similar display problems, it may be easier to browse through examples of his work on his deviantART gallery.

You can also see some examples of Orlowski’s work on Vexels blog and Art of Day.

In the “Lessons” section of Orlowski’s website, you will find some video tutorials and time lapse drawing process examples. There is a more extensive selsection on his creosfera YouTube channel.