Algernon Newton

Algernon Newton paintings cityscapes

Algernon Newton paintings cityscapes

Algernon Cecil Newton was a British painter active in the early to mid 20th century. Newton is known for his cityscapes with canal fronting buildings and landscapes of open hills and isolated trees.

Newton’s approach, with stark contrasts of value and texture, evokes stillness and perhaps even a suspension of time, giving his paintings a magic realist quality. A number of his cityscapes feature canals with reflections of buildings in them; and he was sometimes referred to as the “Canaletto of the canals”.

Algernon Newton’s grandfather, Henry Newton, was the founding “Newton” of the art materials manufacturer Winsor & Newton. Algernon Newton found little success until late in his career, though he is now considered a significant figure in 20th century British art.

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  1. Yes, stark and still. Love ’em. Especially his industrials. From the Tate link, “The Surry Canal, Camberwell” I like his quote:
    ‘There is beauty to be found in everything, you only have to search for it; a gasometer can make as beautiful a picture as a palace on the Grand Canal, Venice. It simply depends on the artist’s vision.’

    Hey, where did everybody go? Did comments delete during the ‘outage’?

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