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Martina Krupičková

Martina Krupickova palette knife painting
Martina Krupickova palette knife painting

Martina Krupičková is a czech painter who focuses on landscape and cityscape.

Her website is in both Czech and English, with the English paragraphs right after the Czech ones.

Krupičková paints with painting knives. By varying her marks, she avoids the uniform sameness I sometimes see in paintings done entirely with a painting knife.

She adjusts her palettes to her subject, with high value contrasts and high chroma accent colors for sunlit landscapes, and muted grays for rain slicked site streets and overcast days.

Krupičková has a YouTube channel. Most of the videos are close-up views of individual paintings rather than process. An exception is a time-lapse video of her painting her entry in the British Landscape Artist of the Year competition for 2018.


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  1. I am czech and I just leartn about this awesome painter from your blog 🙂 Thank you!