Edward Ladell

Edward Ladell still life painting\
Edward Ladell still life painting

!9th century English still life painter Edward Ladell was obviously impressed with the still life paintings of the 17th and 18th century Dutch and Flemish masters, and carried forward in a similar style.

Many of his paintings tend to be on the small side, roughly 9 x 12″ or so (23 x 30 cm), and follow a similar motif: various food items, notably fruit and especially beautifully rendered grapes — sometimes laid on with leaves — are set out with vases and other objects, often accompanied with glassware in which two windows (presumably the windows of his studio) are reflected.

It might be formulaic, but it was a successful formula for Ladell. His compositions are filled to the edges with his subjects, giving the impression that the image can barely contain the fulsome bounty they present.

His paintings appear richly tactile, inviting the viewer to reach into the painting and pluck a juicy grape or two.