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Maximilian Liebenwein

Maximilian Liebenwein, classic illustration
Maximilian Liebenwein, classic illustration

Austrian-German painter and illustrator Maximilian Liebenwein, who was active in the late 19th and early 20 centuries, worked in an illustation style that feels in keeping with many of the other classic illustrators of that “Golden Age” of illustration. In particular, some of Liebenwein’s illustrations put me in mind of the Russian folk art influenced illustrations of Ivan Bilibin.

I couldn’t find very much of Leibenwein’s work on the web, but there’s enough to make looking worthwhile.


4 responses to “Maximilian Liebenwein”

  1. Some of his works remind me of mucha’s works.

    Btw, you have a great site and I am enjoying discovering artists with amazing skill and talent here

    1. Thanks, Meera. Yes, I believe there was an element of Art Nouveau in his work.

  2. Charley. He was AUSTRIAN German. Thanks for a great blog

    1. Thanks, Norman. Corrected. I actually thought I was typing “Austrian”; it’s no wonder I’m constantly fighting typos.