Kris Parins

Kris Parins watercolor
Kris Parins watercolor

Kris Parins is a watercolor painter who is originally from Wisconsin, and now shares her time between a studio there and one in Florida.

Her bright, crisp watercolors reflect a love of the natural world as exemplified by both places as well as the play of light and shadow to be found in urban environments and still life objects.

Her approach varies, at times areas of color are abstracted to the point of giving the work a seirgraph-like appearance.

Her website portfolio is divided into ranges of subject matter. In addition, there is a section for prints, and a video in which she talks about her inspiration and process. The Articles section includes articles Parins has written for Watercolor Artist Magazine.

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  1. Kris Parins is a truly talented artist! Her paintings always have beautiful light and draw you into her subject. We are very fortunate to be able to view her work at galleries here in Florida!

  2. Beautiful pieces. Really like how she handles light. Reminds me a bit of Fuchs and David Grove but with a touch of Nancy STAHL. I wonder if Kris uses masks or it is all one big bold rich freehand washes.

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