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Henry Justice Ford

Henry Justice Ford

Henry Justice Ford

Henry Justice Ford (AKA Henry J. Ford or H. J. Ford) was a popular British illustrator active in the late 19th and early 20 centuries.

Ford’s primary medium was pen and ink, but he also worked in watercolor. Though his skill in those mediums may not have been quite as refind as that of some of his contemporaries, he was nontheless imaginative and entertaining — particularly when illustrating fantasy subjects that included dragons, monsters, ogres and demons.


2 responses to “Henry Justice Ford”

  1. Sidney Barthell Avatar
    Sidney Barthell

    Hello Mr. Parker! Very glad I am to have stumbled across your blog! I’m picking up art again after a very long absence, and your Line and Color is very inspiring. Howard Pyle and HJ Ford are high on my list. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of this Fine Art. ~ Sidney

    1. Hello Sidney. I too let go of crating art for a time and came back to it. I’m continually glad that I did. I’m happy if I can provide you with some inspiration!